Types of Dental Plans

Dental plans are intended to aid individuals and families meet the expenses of dental services. Learn more about the different types of dental plans available.

Before you could decide where to get your dental plan, you must know that there are several types of dental plans to choose from. The dental plan types differ in coverage, the way you can use it and on who can use the plan. These plans are cheaper than dental insurance so they are a great substitute for it. These plans are available from some of the best dental insurance providers.

Referral or Discount Dental Plan

The first plan is called Referral or Discount Dental Plan. This dental plan is very suitable for individuals, businessmen or families who are looking for affordable dental care. With this type of dental plan you can get treatments such as cleaning, extraction, and dentures for as low as 60% compared to the rates of other dental procedures. You can avail of these discounted dental plans from participating dental care providers and you must always carry your membership card with you because you will need to present this before you can get the procedure or treatment done. The dentists, surgeons and other dental professionals are the ones who agreed to charge discounted costs for every procedure they perform on a patient.

PPO Dental Plan

Another one that you can look into is the PPO Dental Plan. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization and this dental plan usually offers a balance between low cost dental care and the choice of dentists within the network, also known as “preferred providers”. In this dental plan you will not be able to visit any dental professionals that are not in the network of the dentists. If you do decide to obtain the services of a dentist outside of the network, the dental plan company may not pay for the treatment or procedure you had done. When you are PPO plan holder, you would typically pay a certain percentage of the reduced rate and the plan pays the remainder of the fee. The percentage of the discounted fee that you would have to settle varies by the type of coverage such as diagnostic, preventive or major services. PPO usually requires you to meet a deductible and for you to have an annual maximum amount coverage.

Indemnity Dental Plan

Indemnity Dental Plan, on the other hand, is also known as the traditional dental coverage plan or a fee for service plan. The Indemnity Dental Plan will let you have the liberty to choose your own dentist even if they are not affiliated with a specific dental plan provider. Similar to the PPO dental plan, the company will shoulder at least 50% of the whole cost and you would have to pay the difference of the cost of the dental procedure or treatment. However, in this dental plan the kind of services that you can get are often limited to the usual and customary and you might also have to pay some premiums. But rest assured, you will still be able to get as much as 80% coverage of fees.

Full Coverage Dental Plan

Lastly, there is the Full Coverage Dental Plan where you will have access to a network of participating dentists who have agreed to offer their services for a reduced fee. All you need to do is look for a dentist who is affiliated in the network so that you will be able to use your Full Coverage Dental Plan. The only thing you have to remember about this plan is that there may be limitations in terms of how many times you can use a specific treatment or procedure and that you may still need to pay out-of-pocket depending on the type of coverage you obtain.