Individual Dental Plans

Individual dental plans are available in most states. Most of these are competitively priced to give people the chance to obtain dental care despite economic hardships.

What is the principal benefit of individual dental insurance? With this policy, you avoid unforeseen expenses associated with dental care and treatment. You can have regular checkups, teeth cleaning and other forms of preventive treatments to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. It is similar to medical insurance and provides benefits for a pre-determined premium. There are different policies that offer a range of coverage and choices of dental practitioners. The best dental insurance plans include choice of dentists, manner of payment for treatments, and out-of-pocket expenses.

How the System Works

Private dental insurance works this way. Choose a plan that you can afford with your budget and the network of dentists where you can make your choice. Once you identify a dental professional who belongs to the insurance firm’s structure, it is possible to settle on one of the less expensive plans. In case you do not have any dentist yet, you may still select from those in the network and also get a cheap plan. You can still obtain coverage if the dentist is not part of the organization but you need to spend more for this service provider. The monthly premiums will depend on the dental insurance agency together with your location and policy. Standard monthly premiums cost roughly $50 each month. In short, you spend $600 on dental costs annually without any treatment or check-ups.

Choice of Individual Plans

Plans like the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) which is also the pre-paid plan depend on a network of dental specialists, exist for consumers. Participating dentists are amenable to render services for patients at prearranged rates and as a rule submit claims for you. Plan holders pay less compared to visiting another dentist. With this individual dental plan, the customary indemnity or fee-for-service insurance products do not make available a network feature. You are left with no choice but to settle services, file for claims and wait for the insurance company to refund your expenses. The advantage here is that you have the prerogative to decide on your own dentist.

Additional Considerations

Does individual dental insurance really make sense? You have to think carefully if this plan is worth buying in the long-term especially for someone with just enough income or very meager or no savings at all. When you do not have any insurance, you are forced to pay in cash or through credit card any teeth restoration or treatments. Cheap dental plans cost less than the interest you pay for credit cards. There is also no risk of damaging credit scores with insurance plans as against failing to settle credit card bills promptly. The reality is dental insurance has become a necessity as a result of the escalating costs of dental treatment. You can seldom find a dentist willing to provide treatment as part of National Health Service conditions. The only alternative is private individual dental insurance so you can avail of fast treatment or the more affordable dental discount schemes.